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Estate planning

Future-proofing your wealth

When considering scenarios, estate planning is all-around one scenario that will become a reality for everyone: the death of a wealth owner. We understand that this is not the most appealing topic and why many people put off their plans. No matter your age or financial situation, it's always a good time to begin estate planning.

We tailor unique plans to ensure your estate is distributed according to your wishes while considering the challenging and ever-evolving international legal and tax implications. While we master the legal nuts and bolts, estate planning is also much more than that.

For you, it may be equally important to structure your arrangements based on factors such as values, family governance, and legacy considerations, business succession, wealth preservation for further generations, philanthropy, and social responsibility. We believe that estate planning's human element deserves the most attention to create a lasting legacy and best results in providing for loved ones.

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Estate planning strategies

Our experts have the technical know-how, the long-standing experience, and a deep understanding of your concerns to assist you in all estate planning matters and to achieve reassuring results. We approach estate planning strategies with an open mind and an open heart to assist you on the path to creating ease and comfort for all involved parties, including yourself. 

wealth structuring law firm Switzerland

Family office

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