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Swiss inheritance tax

Inheritance tax in Switzerland

It's true what they say; few things are as sure in life as taxes. Although Swiss taxation is not the ...

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The multi family office landscape

Navigating the multi family office landscape

As a wealth owner, you may find the range of services and solutions offered in the continuously growing ...

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Family business

Effective ways to structure and organize a family business

It's a well-known myth and belief that it only takes three generations to lose family wealth completely. ...

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asset protection solutions

How to achieve legitimate asset protection

Wealth and asset protection don’t enjoy the best reputation in the eyes of the public. Far too many ...

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External asset management

The comprehensive case for external asset management

We are looking at external asset management following our recent blog post on asset and wealth management. ...

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private trust company benefits

The benefits and considerations of a private trust company

While gaining in popularity, private trust companies (PTCs) are not for everyone. Yes, they can give high ...

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wealth management vs. asset management

Wealth management vs. asset management: main differences

There's no doubt that financial terminology can be confusing at times. Wealth management and asset ...

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Wealth planning strategies - Sweden

Centro LAW Guest Series: Wealth planning strategies – a Swedish perspective

According to the 2021 Knight Frank Wealth Report, Sweden is home to more than five thousand Ultra High Net ...

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trustee Switzerland

Centro LAW Guest Series: Swiss trustees – a regulatory perspective

With the ongoing consolidation of the trust industry driven by private equity firms, wealth owners often ...

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Centro LAW Guest Series: Are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) a unique investment opportunity?

"Invest in what you understand. Just because there is an NFT boom does not mean that every NFT is ...

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Climate risk

Centro LAW Guest Series: Climate risk. An emerging financial risk category

Climate change is top of mind for almost the entire world, and climate risk is, in turn, accelerating as a ...

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Inheritance taxes: the toolbox for effective planning

No day is without news on new taxes. While we don't claim to predict the future, in light of the taxman's ...

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The single family office’s investment strategy and committee

Investments are at the core of single family offices. Whether investment management is performed in-house ...

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offshore trust and private wealth law firm Switzerland

Centro LAW Guest Series: Business families and storytelling for success

Business families face many challenges, the most critical result from the combination of keeping a family ...

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Centro LAW Guest Series: Family business succession planning – the Italian job

Italy is home to more than ten thousand Ultra High Net Worth Individuals. Many entrepreneurs lead family ...

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Wealth planning: human-centric design and risk management

Indulge us a little as we start this post by elaborating on the wealth planning definition: We view ...

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high profile clients law firm Switzerland

Centro LAW Guest Series: THRIVE - a wellbeing framework for family governance

While it can be a wonderful thing, a family is a complex constellation of relationships held together by ...

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Lump sum taxation in Switzerland

Have you heard about a Lex Chaplin? Why should you? There has never been such a law. However, the term has ...

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wealth management law Zurich

A guide to navigating international estate taxes

We will experience the biggest wealth transfer in history within the next three decades since Baby Boomers ...

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investment management law firm Switzerland

How to elevate your single family office to excellence

The number of global single family offices is continuously rising. With the introduction of virtual family ...

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private client lawyer

Centro LAW Guest Series: Impact investing. Discovering underlying value

Values-based investment strategies are the zeitgeist, as more investors look towards environmental, ...

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wealth planning strategy Switzerland

Centro LAW Guest Series: Private equity. How to diversify your portfolio

It may seem that private equity investors already own everything: fashion brands, food companies, computer ...

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wealth structuring law firm Switzerland

Estate planning: how to start and tackle foreign scenarios

Today is as good as any to start estate planning. For some, this post may be a reminder to focus on the ...

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international family law firm Switzerland

Residence in international tax law: Whenever, Wherever

Shakira is a Colombian pop star married to a Spanish football player and has officially been a resident in ...

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Family office costs

The costs of running a single family office

Cost is often predominant in the evaluation of a single family office creation. We believe that the costs ...

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wealth structuring law firm Switzerland

Centro Law Guest Series: How renewable energy investments help fight climate change

Interested in knowing more about investments in renewables and energy economics? Harikishan Mandalapu and ...

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wealth structuring legal services Switzerland

Wealth management investment products and KYC processes

In our experience, the Know Your Customer (KYC) onboarding process is the biggest bottleneck in wealth ...

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wealth structuring law firm Switzerland

Why family governance, heritage and succession planning matter

Family wealth can decline over generations for various reasons. In particular, if a family business is ...

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private wealth lawyer Zurich

Wealth planning strategies: why you need one

We see wealth planning as the sum of arrangements to grow, preserve, protect, and transfer wealth. It ...

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virtual family office

How to build your virtual family office

Family offices are the zeitgeist in wealth management. Everyone has or wants one. You can choose from ...

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private client lawyer Zurich

Our blog manifesto: our goal is to provide you with value

What to expect from us.

Before we start with our regular posts, we believe it might be helpful to make a ...

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