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Wealth planning

Grow, preserve, protect and transfer your wealth

We see our service for wealth planning in Switzerland as the sum of arrangements to grow, preserve, protect, and transfer wealth. While it comes with legal, financial, and tax planning, we believe that the human element for everyone involved deserves at least equal recognition.

The entire wealth planning process is about you and your loved ones' future and should give peace of mind to everyone involved.

Thus, we put humans first and follow an inclusive wealth planning process. If the entire family becomes part of your wealth plan, it empowers them in many ways in a unifying and lasting arrangement.

We develop wealth planning strategies and create synergies based on values, governance visions, and the specific family and business situation.

We collaborate cross-functional and cross-jurisdictional, always with an end in mind: to enable wealth owners to manage complex wealth challenges and control outcomes.


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Risk management and wealth preservation

And with all of that, the job is not done - longevity, political risks, litigation and security risks consideration contribute to a sound and comprehensive wealth planning strategy that requires ongoing monitoring if circumstances or needs and objectives change.

Regular stress testing against life events puts your wealth plan to the test and enables wealth protection, growth, and preservation in a secure and predictable environment.

Our structured approach guides you step by step through the above and all technical considerations on the way to the alignment and consistency of your strategies and solutions.

Contact us to schedule a free consultation to learn more about individualized wealth planning strategies for your and your loved ones' well-being and peace of mind.

Wealth structuring

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