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Frequently asked questions

How do you invoice? Do you also work on hourly rates?

We prefer working based on individual package solutions, fixed fees, and bonus models, thus taking on results-based risk with our customers.

If we work on an hourly rate, they depend on the complexity of the mandate and the experts' seniority. They usually range from CHF 450 to CHF 600 (plus VAT if applicable).

Our invoices are clear and understandable; we ask for retainers, invoice every month, or each CHF 5'000 of fees and offer different payment options to accommodate individual needs.

Boats on Lake Zurich

Are my data and information safe with you?

Your data, information, and documentation are in safe hands with us. We work with Swiss IT services and cloud providers with their servers in Switzerland and ensure that deployed technology is compliant with the Swiss Data Protection Regulation. We process and store data in Switzerland in a protected and high-security private cloud to ensure that transfer and storage of private information are protected and secure.

When using collaborative tools and project management interfaces with our customers, partners, and third parties, we may rely on services and cloud providers with servers located in the European Union. While General Data Protection Regulation compliance comes as a standard, we will define with you the specific security measures for each project to ensure a protected and highly secure joint digital environment for efficient collaboration.

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