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How we work

A customer-focused and comprehensive private wealth experience by design

EMPATHY. People are at the core of our business, curiosity, and everything we do. We put ourselves in their shoes as much as we can and ask how we would feel if we were experiencing their legal journey.

WEALTH OWNER CENTRICITY. We design all our processes, touchpoints, and interactions to ensure a frictionless and smooth customer journey.

CUSTOMIZED COMMUNICATION. Our customers choose the communication channel, frequency, and information that best fits their requirements and schedule.

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Collaboration, fee only, empowering work environment

COLLABORATION. We coordinate all wealth planning and structuring matters on a global basis providing you with immediate access to all information and maximum control over provider selection, steps in the process, deadlines, and costs.

FEE ONLY. We are independent, and our only source of income is the fees paid by our customers. We built our international network on expertise, trust, and customer value without any type of remuneration within the system.

EMPOWERING WORK ENVIRONMENT. Our flexible freelance collaboration model allows lawyers to tackle sophisticated legal challenges in a part-time and remote working environment that empowers people.

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