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Pricing solutions

Price transparency

We know that even today, this remains one of the most significant pain points when hiring lawyers.

With our pricing solutions, we commit to transparent, predictable, and results-oriented pricing right from the outset, giving you peace of mind from the moment you start working with us.

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Our pricing options

FIXED FEE. Based on our experience, we are in a position to predict our fees in various scenarios.

MONTHLY FIXED FEE ARRANGEMENT. For recurring needs, we offer a monthly flat fee tailored to individual needs.

The arrangement can be evaluated and adjusted from month to month to ensure full flexibility and services delivery on an as-needed basis.

BILLABLE HOUR WITH VALUE ADJUSTMENT AT YOUR DISCRETION. Sometimes it's not possible to estimate the amount of work for a specific project, so we work on a billable hourly basis.

After five hours, you decide on the delivered value, and on whether to continue in the process. We will accept every discretionary adjustment. All we ask for is feedback to improve our services.

REDUCED BILLABLE HOUR WITH FEE CAP. A hybrid of an hourly and fixed fee. 

REDUCED BILLABLE HOUR WITH BONUS COMPONENT AT YOUR DISCRETION. You tell us what you expect from us and we work at a reduced hourly fee.

At agreed milestones, you decide whether we receive a discretionary bonus. Again, all we will ask for is feedback to improve our services.

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