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Digital assets

Transforming wealth management

Managing digital assets, including their acquisition, ownership, and transfer, involves specific issues. Although the original approach consists of self-custody, it may not ensure wealth protection and preservation in critical scenarios.

We acknowledge that wealth owners next to innovation demand certainty in a still-developing industry and assist you in designing ownership setups to hold cryptocurrencies, tokens, NFTs, and investments in the blockchain space. We leverage established trust, foundation, corporate, investment fund, and life insurance structures to tackle the risks and challenges of a unique asset class.

We cover all legal, tax, and regulatory aspects to provide peace of mind regarding asset protection, tax compliance, and estate planning.

Moreover, we implement custody solutions in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, customized strategies for multiple signature arrangements and advanced lending solutions to maintain complete control over your digital assets. And, of course, we accept payments in cryptocurrencies.

We also assist our customers with their blockchain ventures in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, collaborating with a network of top-notch experts and leveraging our expertise in financial product and digital asset regulation and significant experience in blockchain and fintech.

This enables us to deeply understand your needs and objectives as an entrepreneur, builder, and investor in the blockchain space and provide comprehensive advice and solutions from one of the world’s most innovative digital asset ecosystems.

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The Crypto Valley value proposition

The Crypto Valley, spanning Switzerland and Liechtenstein, provides access to regulated digital asset banks, exchanges, asset and investment managers, and brokers. These entities offer premier banking, brokerage, trading, custody, lending, staking, and other digital asset financial services.

Switzerland is renowned as a leading blockchain hub, hosting over 1,000 companies and engaging over 5,000 professionals in numerous innovative firms, projects, and service providers. In 2021, it became one of the first nations to establish legal regulations for blockchain technology, ensuring legal certainty and encouraging innovation and growth.

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