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Our blog manifesto: our goal is to provide you with value

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What to expect from us.

Before we start with our regular posts, we believe it might be helpful to make a few things clear:

Our goal is to provide you with value. We know how precious your time is, and that’s why we will keep our posts relevant, simple, and limit legal speak to the absolute minimum.

Our focus is on private wealth, family offices, wealth management, asset protection, wealth planning, and estate planning.

We want to look at it from different perspectives to eliminate complexity and cut through the noise when it comes to the overwhelming amounts of information available out there.

We aim to leave no stone unturned and share with you industry insights and guidance to navigate the sophistication of wealth management.

You’ll learn more about our approach that puts humans at the center of everything we do, something that a significant part of the industry is yet to do.

We may invite guest bloggers to post, conduct interviews with industry experts, and share different views that are not ours.

If we do that, there will never be any commercial intention but only our honest belief that it adds value for you.

Ultimately, we want to make the job easier for you.

We welcome your feedback, insights, and responses and are happy for you to share our posts.

If you wish to elaborate on a topic in more detail, we are always available to chat over a virtual coffee or in-person in Zurich, Switzerland. Just contact us.

With that clarified, please keep following our content and hold us accountable for the above.


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